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Book 1 in the Ladies of the Abberly Theater series.


When her father leaves her high and dry in the middle of a performance, penniless and in debt from his gambling, Iphigenia Martin must find a way to survive without ending up on the illicit streets of Victorian London. A talented illusionist herself, she persuades theater owner, Matthias Abberly, to allow her to complete her father’s contract and repay his debt. Finally, a chance to fulfil her own dream of becoming a famous illusionist. If only she can work with a man who both infuriates her and makes her insides melt at the same time.


Matthias knows a good act when he sees one, and Iphigenia is not a good act. However, he also recognizes raw talent, and she possesses that in spades. She also happens to be the one female he’s found interesting enough to bed more than once in a very lone while. He sets out to make Iphigenia a sensation not only in London, but across the Continent. Unfortunately, if he give her that dream, he stands to lose her forever.

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